TV Commercial

A television commercial celebrating the year of Patara.

I Mean It Creative took on the task of producing a TV commercial, as part of a digital campaign created to promote the Patara excavations in Antalya, Turkey.

Patara, with roots that date back to 8th century B.C, was a flourishing maritime and commercial city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It was said to have been founded by Patarus, son of Apollo, and it is the birthplace of St. Nicholas (Santa Clause!) in 270 A.D.

While much of Patara remains undiscovered, including the famous Temple of Apollo buried in the shifting sand, İşbank has been supporting some very exciting excavations, which has led to the resurfacing of many structures previously hidden by the dunes.

Among the findings is Bouleuterion, the parliament building where elected representatives of the Lycian League met. The structure is composed of rows of stone seats arranged in a semicircle, which is the exact same arrangement used in the chamber of the American Congress.

Our goal with the three day shoot for this promotional film was to highlight the beauty discovered and the progress made this year, while also promoting our client İş Bankası, in their efforts to support and speed up the excavations.

Due to the city’s depth, richness and significance in ancient history, we made sure that the tone of the promotional film matched the same level of mythical and dramatic quality.