The Anatoli Collections were designed with a contemporary twist on the aesthetics of Anatolian culture.

hrough its designs, the Anatoli brand aims to propel the classic, exquisitely-crafted products of yesteryear into the warm embrace of future generations.

Anatoli is a design brand that produces decorative objects. There is a real story and history behind every product in its collection. All these stories have roots in Anatolia.

Anatoli asked I Mean It Creative to design an iconic brand identity representing a part of Anatolia where the remains of 36 different civilizations are layered on top of each other. At first we had trouble deciding which historical period to feature in the brand motif. Our options included an array of rich civilizations including Ottoman, Roman and Hittite.

Eventually, I Mean It Creative settled on a Seljuk motif widely used in wall hieroglyphs, particularly in Seljuk architecture. It also has a very modern-looking structure.

After the motif was chosen, our next task was to draw it in the proper proportions. This icon, designed with the proper thickness, was then placed in the typography. During this design process, it became a reference motif for many souvenirs.

Anatoli is currently sold in many decoration centers worldwide and throughout Turkey. These products, produced with an aesthetic understanding of the region, are gradually gaining steam, with orders being placed by world-famous designers.

Currently, Anatoli collaborates with brands such as Michael Aram, Narumi, Mackenzie and Childs.