Documentary & Teaser Trailer

Alp Şen Foundation was founded by the parents of the late Ali Alp Şen to keep alive and spread the compassion and benevolence of their son. As a high-school student, Ali spearheaded the ENKA Kindness Project to help those in need.

Alp Şen Foundation embarked on a journey to co-create a better future for humanity, aiming to inspire the masses through a myriad of health and education projects.

Among the many initiatives of the Foundation, one cause took the centre stage: leukaemia.

To help create awareness about the prevention of this disease, and support children who are in need of help, Alp Şen Foundation needed a promotional video and a factual film.


As I Mean It, we created a heart touching teaser that told the origin story of the Foundation.


As I Mean It, we created a mini-documentary in memory of Ali Alp Şen. The factual film not only told the origin story of the Foundation, but also payed homage to all the donors, demonstrating its strong feelings of appreciation and gratitude.