Event Branding

The musical concert "Alamanya: Gurbet Türküleri", compiled from the true stories of those who went to work as "guest workers" from Turkey to Germany, will meet with the audience in the İş Kuleleri Hall, accompanied by folk songs.

In the concert, directed by Yiğit Sertdemir, the text created from the letters and anecdotes of expats will be performed by theater actors Şerif Erol and Gülçin Kültür. The concert will blend the conditions of the time and the longing for the homeland with the folk songs compiled by Coşkun Karademir, and will convey the expatriate journey that started 60 years ago to the audience. Gülcan Opel, one of the popular names of the period, will take her place on the stage for the first time after years as a guest artist.

“Alamanya: Homeland Folk Songs” will bring the story of expats, who are comforted by folk songs in a never-ending yearning, to meet the audience.

I Mean It Creative process starts with understanding the vision and working in parallel with the appropriate strategy to create a central key-art that truly captures the essence of the event. Anchoring the brand’s voice in this iconic image, we move on to exploring name alternatives, taglines and any other verbal messaging.

But for I Mean It Creative creating a singular iconic image is not enough.

Preparing digital branding pieces that can be easily adapted and used across a variety of online platforms and social media channels is the key to successful live event branding.

In addition to customizing the central key-art to create many different versions such as square posts, vertical stories and any formats appropriate for each social media channel, we also add movement to our visual communication by creating dynamic images as well as trailers, teasers and other short form video content to promote the event.