Inspired by the historic windmills of the village, as well as the euphoric energy that is ever present in the region, we created a modern yet heartwarming logo, which would speak to the hotel’s clientele.

On Turkey’s westernmost point, there exists a charming village named Alacati. With its cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, colorful shutters, and upscale restaurants Alacati feels more like a film set than a coastal town. Three Alacatian childhood buddies-turned-entrepreneurs decided to rebuild a historic house stone by stone to create the Agrovela Hotel.

When the hoteliers wanted to tell their high-end boutique hotel’s story, they hired I Mean It. Our first goal was to create a holistic identity for the brand.

Next, we created a coherent visual language, which included an Aegean color palette and crafts-driven imagery. Then, we applied the brand’s new identity throughout all touch points, ranging from website to business cards, signage, bags, and bath amenities, giving Agrovela Hotel an absolutely consistent look.

Then, we shot promotional videos for the high-end boutique hotel. Our films were centered around the sojourn of a young couple, who would experience an idyllic getaway at Agrovela Hotel. Finally, we turned the two films into a dozen Instagram reels, allowing the brand to tell its story in digital media.