Exhibition Branding

Following the debut of the Independence Exhibition on the hundredth anniversary of Atatürk's arrival in Samsun, Türkiye İş Bankası hoped to once more engage audiences with another galvanizing exhibition, "After a Century / Fronts, People, and Great Victory.”

In wishing to continue the inspiring momentum they’d been met with, I Mean It Creative not only sought to deliver an advertisement that would highlight the gravity of Türkiye İş Bankası’s exhibit, but also executed a production that was edited in just two days, and went on to be met with considerable success after premiering across television broadcasts.

Using Turkey’s pride, the Medal of Independence, as the “After a Century / Fronts, People, and Great Victory” exhibit’s principal image, I Mean It Creative displayed the medal on a collage that had been created by using images pulled from the exhibit, then thoughtfully extended the impact of this creative decision by including a 3D design of the medal in the packshot for the film.

By weaving together collections of more than a thousand vestiges of ammunition, swords and other weapons, compasses and maps, binoculars, sanitary equipment, telegraphs, photographs, film, and an assortment of many other such antiquities, İzzeddin Çalışlar has curated the exhibit of “After a Century / Fronts, People, and Great Victory” in such a way that it brings richly to life the reverence for and showcasing of Anatolia’s unknown heroes and the stages that determined the fate of the War of Independence.