TV Commercial

Sometimes all you want to do is to take a deep breath. A fresh, clean breath...


There are these breathtaking moments; worthy of a lifetime…
Silent, yet louder than all songs.

There are times we can’t breathe freely;
When all you want is to just be a human.

Moments we become aware of our own breath;
Desiring to be loved till our last one.
Weary of loving, but still full of it.

Times when breathing becomes so hard…
We want to stop trying to be strong;

And moments we hold our breath;
Having so much to say,
But no-one to say it to.

Navigating a life filled with these moments and a new world shaped by a respiratory virus, we turn to the brands we have trusted for years.

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer, the leading cosmetics brand of Turkey, is the epitome of this trust. That’s why when preparing this TV Commercial for the heritage lovebrand with a century-long history, I Mean It Creative focused on the act breathing.

In addition to executing the entire production process from concept to final delivery, I Mean It also oversaw the digital media buying operations, which made up 70% of the full media plan.