Annual Report Design

I Mean It designed a book to celebrate the 80th year of Turkish Airlines, by capturing the brand’s wonderful narrative.

Los Angeles, CA


If you are travelling to Europe or North America, then you have an abundance of options. But, what if you want to fly elsewhere? Then, good luck! The old guards of the airline industry wouldn’t fly to routes they deem “unprofitable.”

That’s why they all fly to same destinations, offer similar service, and feel cold. Turkish Airlines took it upon itself to stand up for the underserved…


Today, Turkish Airlines flies to more countries than any other airlines. It became one of the largest players in the industry. But, there is more to Turkish’s success than numbers: It is not only flying to countries that old guards wouldn’t even be interested.

It also offers peerless service, winning awards such as “Best Airline Europe,” “Best Premium Economy Seats,” “Best Airline Southern Europe,” “Best Food, Economy-Class, and “Best On-board Food.” Turkish Airlines did not simply grow: It developed!


When Turkish Airlines’ hired us to design a book to celebrate the 80th year of the brand, we knew we had to capture that wonderful narrative. We needed to design a book that had more than a collection of info graphics.

So, we dedicated the book to the narration of why, and how Turkish became the champion of the underserved…